What is Sahaara Foundation like?

Sahaara Foundation’s system is designed with safety, comfort, & serenity in mind. We want patients & families to feel that our facilities are a place where they can turn down the noise of the outside world for a while & Focus on their own issues & needs. We have tried to create environments of healing that reflect our belief in treating people with dignity & respect. Sahaara Foundation’s facilities vary but there are certain components common to all Sahaara Foundation treatment facilities.

  • Time for talking -- both one-to-one counseling & a variety of group settings.
  • Personal time for reflection, reading & completing individual treatment assignments.
  • Relaxation, exercise & recreational activities.
  • Sessions & other educational activities.

The time spent at Sahaara Foundation is intended to provide a fresh start with support, education & therapy to aid in long-term recovery & a healthy, sober life.

What is treatment like at Sahaara Foundation?

Sahaara Foundation programs approach treatment with several things in mind. First, we treat each person who comes to us with dignity & respect & we provide a safe place in which to start the healing process. Next, we want to be very accurate in any diagnosis so the assessment & evaluation processes are very thorough to ensure that the person is clinically appropriate for our level of care. Our treatment philosophy is based on the recognition that addiction is a disease &

that abstinence is the only way to manage the disease. We approach each person in a holistic way, working with mind, body & spirit as integral components of a healthy life.