How do I start the admission process?

Sahaara Foundation

Sahaara Foundation delivers the outcomes, value, & experience needed to build lasting freedom from addiction. We are here to answer your questions or begin the admissions process any day, any time.

How do I start the admission process?

Calling 9823032359-9561783304-8805001813-9561783327-9527798728 is the first step.

We will start the process by gathering information about you & arranging for you to speak to an intake counselor. If you are calling for yourself, or if you are calling for a family member or friend, this pre-intake process is the same & it is free & confidential with no obligation. If you prefer to have someone from Sahaara Foundation call you, please provide us with some basic information & we will get back to you within 24 hours.

To insure appropriate placement, there is a fair amount of information to be gathered, so a Sahaara Foundation staff member will guide you through this process & make it as easy as possible for you. During this time, you may talk to a financial counselor regarding costs, payments etc. Some financial assistance (patient aid) may also be available to those who qualify.

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a deliberate process by which change is introduced into peoples' thoughts, feelings & behaviors. The overall objective of an intervention is to confront a person in a non-threatening way & allow them to see their self-destructive behavior, & how it affects themselves, family & friends. It usually involves several people who have prepared themselves to talk to a person who has been engaging in some sort of self-destructive behavior. In a clear & respectful way, they inform the person of factual information regarding his or her behavior & how it may have affected them. The immediate objective of an intervention is for the self-destructive person to listen & to accept help.

  • A friend needs help, but doesn't want to talk about it. Should we do an intervention?

An intervention can be a helpful tool for a family member, colleague or friend who is resistant to addressing his or her problem. At one time there was an attitude that people couldn't be helped unless they "hit bottom" but that has changed. Often people who are resistant & enter treatment due to an intervention do very well. Anyone who calls Sahaara Foundation to request an intervention will be encouraged to talk to a counselor first. However, there are times when an intervention is critical & Sahaara Foundation can provide you with options from a list of professionals with whom we have worked. Sahaara Foundation does have interventionists on staff.

  • How does Sahaara Foundation view treatment for men & women?

There are times when men & women can benefit from participating in treatment together but there also times when gender-specific treatment can benefit recovery. Sahaara Foundation offers genders-specific treatment in our residential primary care programs. When we separate patients by gender, men learn about recovery from other men, & women begin to focus on building a lasting sobriety with the help of other women. Alumni (our former patients) tell us that their gender-specific treatment groups also helped them discuss highly sensitive & personal issues that are unique to a gender.

  • How long will it take to get in?

Admission can vary from program to program & from location to location. Admission dates are impacted by available space & the time it takes to conduct an intake interview & gather supporting medical information to insure appropriate admission.

Due to a variety of factors involved, one person might be able to be admitted virtually overnight, while another may have to wait a few days or a week. Admission can also be based on personal preference as some people choose a later admission date to coincide with their personal schedule. Your intake counselor will discuss admission dates once the intake process has begun.