At the Sahaara Foundation, we are committed to achieving results, providing exceptional value, and offering an unparalleled experience to help individuals achieve lasting freedom from addiction. Our dedicated team is available around the clock, every day, to answer your questions and assist you in starting the admissions process. You can count on us anytime for support and guidance.
How do I start the admission process?

Call us at one of the following numbers: 9823032359, 9561783304, 8805001813, 9561783327, or 9527798728. This initial call is the first crucial step in your journey toward recovery.

"To begin the admission process, call us, and we'll connect you with an intake counselor. Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, the process is free and confidential. You can also request a callback. We'll gather necessary information for placement and discuss financial matters if needed, including potential financial assistance."

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a purposeful process designed to instigate change in an individual's thoughts, emotions, and actions. Its primary aim is to address self-destructive behavior in a non-confrontational manner, helping the person recognize its impact on themselves, their family, and friends. Typically, it involves a group of individuals who've prepared to have an honest and respectful conversation with the person engaging in harmful conduct. They share factual information about the person's behavior and its repercussions. The immediate goal of an intervention is for the individual to actively listen and be open to receiving assistance.

A friend needs help, but doesn't want to talk about it. Should we do an intervention?

When a friend is in need but hesitant to discuss their issues, an intervention can serve as a valuable resource. While there was once a belief that individuals needed to "hit bottom" before seeking help, this perspective has evolved. In many cases, those who initially resist and enter treatment following an intervention often show significant progress. If you or someone you know is contemplating an intervention, we encourage you to initiate a conversation with a counselor at Sahaara Foundation. However, there are instances when an intervention becomes crucial, and we can provide you with options from a network of experienced professionals with whom we've collaborated. Additionally, Sahaara Foundation has its own team of interventionists who can provide support and guidance in these challenging situations.

Sahaara Foundation's approach to treatment is gender-inclusive, recognizing the unique needs and experiences of both men and women?

At times, individuals can find value in receiving treatment collectively, regardless of gender, but there are also instances when gender-specific treatment can greatly enhance the recovery process. Sahaara Foundation provides gender-specific treatment within our residential primary care programs. This approach allows men to learn from one another's experiences, and women to concentrate on fostering enduring sobriety through peer support from their gender counterparts. Alumni feedback indicates that these gender-specific treatment groups create a safe space to address sensitive, gender-specific issues and personal concerns.

What's the expected wait time for admission?

The timeframe for admission can differ depending on the program and location. Admission dates are influenced by factors such as availability and the time needed to complete an intake interview and gather necessary medical information for the right admission placement.

Because several factors come into play, one individual might secure admission very quickly, possibly overnight, while someone else may experience a wait of a few days or a week. Furthermore, admission can align with personal schedules, as some individuals opt for a later admission date that suits their convenience. Your intake counselor will address admission dates once the intake process is initiated.